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Where we work

The 10K Club has identified 40 districts across India with poor Reproductive and Child Health indicators. Few of these indicators are

  1. High percentage of girls getting married below 18
  2. No of antenatal check up
  3. % of institutional delivery
  4. % of women breastfeeding within 2 hours
  5. Children immunization
  6. Infant mortality rate

Cluster of districts have been identified to facilitate the connectivity among project intervention sites. 10K Club shall start working in one block per district.

10K Club shall reach out to 10,000 population in the block – 5,000 between 0-2 years and 5,000 between 10-19 years

The 10K Club shall be initiated in 2 districts (one urban and one rural) to move up to 40 within 30 months of the launch.

Intervention Areas


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