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The project has inbuilt mechanism for sustainability. The backbone of the project is the formation and facilitation of Community Based groups and Youth Forums in the project sites.

For the interventions in the 0-2 years age group - the project works closely with active women members of the community who further will facilitate the constitution of community based groups (CBOs) which disseminate correct knowledge and practices. The approach is potentially acceptable, scalable, sustainable and cost effective as a public health intervention. Once in place and equipped with required knowledge and skills the CBOs will be linked with existing government services for reducing maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in the community. The 10K Club will link the CBOs to the existing public health functionaries like AWWs (ICDS), Basti Sevika, NRHM functionary who share similar mandate of improving the health status of mother and child. The project will strengthen the hands of public health system for ensuring access of community in general and women in particular to quality reproductive and child health services.

For the intervention in the 10-19 years age group the 10K Club works through a peer education approach. Youth forums shall be created at block level and its members shall act as nodes of information for others in the community based on the premise that most young people feel more comfortable receiving information from people of the same age group rather than from adults. Working through Youth Forum will instill a sense of ownership, which young educators shall pass onto their peers.

The project aims to strengthen also the existing government programs and systems for achieving better maternal and child health services; the first step towards optimizing the available resources. The active involvement of local stakeholders in all aspects of the project will be done with a hope that they will in future have the capacities to support safe motherhood and child survival in their areas.

CBOs, Youth Forums and existing health service providers will become an asset for the intervention area over a period of time. They would ensure the sustainability of the efforts put in by the project for the promotion of maternal and child health status.
The objectives of community-based organizations, Youth Forums and local governments coincide. Joining forces to achieve a shared goal is always more effective than trying to reach the same goals independently.

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