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About Us

10K Club emanates out of the vast experience that MAMTA has gathered in last two decades in working with urban and rural poors.

It is convinced that simultaneous actions (of preventive and promotive care) on these two age groups results in a complementary effect. It also strongly believes on the notion that government is playing its role on key issues like exclusive breastfeeding, complete immunization, delaying the age of marriage, life skills for our adolescents and other related aspects, but also strongly believe that it is poor and marginalised who carry burden of disease and death both.

Let us emphasise that our efforts are to further the ongoing government agenda under the National Rural Health Mission to reach the unreached but the mechanism is different, the resources come directly from our ‘Partners in Change’ i.e. ‘You’ the contributor with better governance and cost effective approaches.

The 10K Club aims at taking the basic science of good health practices back to the most vulnerable communities in India through evidence based low tech, cost effective measures.

It all means providing suitable skills to mothers and their families around pregnancy care and the first two years of the child’s life on preventive and promotive health practices for newborns and children. It is also about equipping adolescents with adequate knowledge and skills to make informed choices for healthy life.

Addressing health needs is good economics. 30% of people are pushed below poverty line because of health debts; child health related illnesses being the most likely of them.

10K Club contributes to addressing the fundamental human right to health for children and adolescents.

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