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Monitoring System

The process of monitoring and evaluation is an essential element in any program that seeks to achieve its objectives in the most effective and efficient way. It is a tool that enables us to adjust strategies and adapt to the means available, to follow the progress made in project implementation and provide vital information to decision-makers 1.

Monitoring is a routine process used to determine the extent to which a project has been effectively implemented at different levels, in time and at what cost. It is part of the management information system (MIS), and is basically an internal activity. It is conducted by those responsible for project implementation at every level of the management structure. Its primary purpose is to achieve the best possible project performance by providing feedback to project management at all levels. This enables management to improve operational plans and to take corrective action in the case of shortfalls and constraints.

The following output indicators have been identified to track the success of our interventions.

  1. Motivated women and adolescents and adult peers identified from the community
  2. Mobilized community support groups for dissemination of key messages on safe motherhood, essential newborn care, immunization, contraceptives, consequences of early marriage, early pregnancy
  3. Sensitized local stakeholders ready to address issue of right age at marriage.
  4. Decrease in incidence of early marriage
  5. % Increase in the number of institutional deliveries
  6. % Increased number of newborns on breastfeeding at the earliest(< 2 hrs)
  7. Increase in the no. of high risk newborns identified and referred to secondary care level
  8. % Increase in school retention
  9. Adolescents have more negotiation and communication skills

The above indicators shall be firmed up and MIS uploaded on the website for 10K Club members to see, within a fortnight from the launch of the first intervention district.

  1. Ronald G. Horstman at al2002, Monitoring and evaluation of Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions. A Manual for the EC/UNFPA Initiative for Reproductive Health in Asia.
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