Economic and social disparities across the globe are continually increasing and re-shaping.

In recognizing the existing socio-economic and health-related gaps existing between haves and have nots MAMTA takes the initiative to establish the 10K Club. This is to take our health and development reach to the most marginalized and vulnerable communities in India.

The 10K Club focuses on population in the age group of 0-2 and 10-19 years - the most critical stages in the life cycle for laying the foundations for long term health.

The 10K Club strives taking the basic science of good health practices back to the most vulnerable communities in India through evidence based low tech, cost effective measures


0-2 Years

India contributes to 21% of global burden of child deaths. In order to ensure better newborn, mother and infant health we have identified few key evidence- based interventions

10-19 Years

Adolescents (10-19 years) constitute about one fourth of India's population, a great demographic dividend and potential for the India's growth. Still, almost 50% of girls in India marry before 18.